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  • Defective Technology Products and Components (2/12/2015) - Chavez & Gertler attorneys have represented consumers who have purchased allegedly defective products and services including computers (Hewlett Packard), camcorders (Sony and JVC), marine engines (Mercury Marine), inkjet printers (Hewlett […]
  • Overtime Pay for Employees Working in the Technology Field (2/12/2015) - Chavez & Gertler represents technology workers who have allegedly been wrongfully denied overtime compensation. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and various state laws only a narrow subset and […]
  • Viking Ranges (2/12/2015) - Chavez & Gertler attorneys are currently investigating consumer complaints regarding ranges, ovens, and cooktops manufactured by Viking Range Corporation. If you have information about this and would like to contact […]
  • MetroPCS Billing Practices (2/12/2015) - Chavez & Gertler attorneys are currently investigating consumer complaints regarding MetroPCS’s billing and termination practices.¬† If you are or have been a MetroPCS customer in the past three years in […]
  • Unlawful Collection by Automobile Lenders (2/12/2015) - Chavez & Gertler attorneys represent care and truck owners whose vehicles have been repossessed and who have been improperly assessed deficiency balances after the sale of their vehicle in violation […]
  • Unlawful U-Haul Charges and Fees (2/12/2015) - Chavez &¬†Gertler attorneys are currently investigating the propriety of certain charges and fees imposed by U-Haul on its customers in California. If you have rented from U-Haul in California within […]
  • Unlawful Background Checks (2/12/2015) - Chavez & Gertler attorneys represent workers who have been required to submit to a background check as a condition of their employment. Many employers require job applicants and current employees […]