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Chavez & Gertler is dedicated to the pursuit of our clients’ interests and public justice.

We are committed to zealous advocacy, innovative thinking and winning court victories and settlements that vindicate the rights of our clients and the public at large. We have fought and won many battles for consumers, workers, and the victims of discrimination and unlawful treatment including fraud and unfair business practices.

Our mission is to vigorously advocate the interests of our clients and achieve the best results possible. In doing so, we strive to further the interests of both our clients and the public at large. Even as we fight hard, we maintain civility and integrity among our co-counsel, opponents and the court. Our casework areas include:

• Workplace Fairness
• Discrimination and Harassment
• Consumer Advocacy
• Defective Products
• Privacy and Technology
• Wage, Overtime, and Rest Periods
• Personal Injury and Malpractice