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Chavez & Gertler Win NLRB Victory For GameStop Workers Forced Into Arbitration

Chavez & Gertler won an important victory for workers when an Administrative Law Judge for the National Labor Relations Board ruled in favor of Michelle Krecz-Gondor, a worker at videogame retailing giant GameStop.

In a decision handed down on August 29, 2013, the Judge ordered GameStop to cease and desist from enforcing its arbitration program because it constitutes an unfair business practice in violation of the National Labor Relations Act. GameStop was ordered to rescind or revise its “CARES” arbitration program, which prohibited employees from bringing class actions in court or in arbitration. Judge Gerald M. Etchingham ruled that such prohibitions were misleading and in violation of the employees’ rights to have matters concerning the “wages, hours, and working conditions” proceed on class or collective action basis.

The decision can be found here.

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