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Mark Chavez Appointed to Public Citizen Board of Directors

Mark Chavez has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Public Citizen, one of the premier public interest organizations in the country.  Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Public Citizen is a national, non-profit consumer advocacy organization founded in 1971 to represent consumer interests in Congress, the executive branch and the courts.  It fights for openness, and democratic accountability in government, for the right of consumers to seek redress in the courts; for clean, safe and sustainable energy sources; for social and economic justice in trade policies; for strong health, safety and environmental protections; and for safe, effective and affordable prescription drugs and health care.

In Public Citizen’s release announcing his appointment, Chavez stated:

After over three decades of tireless work on an expansive array of issues, Public Citizen has achieved a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading and most effective public advocacy organizations in this country.  I welcome the opportunity to serve on Public Citizen’s board at this critical juncture in its history.