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Plaintiffs Settle Criminal Background Case Against Intellicorp for $18.6 million

Chavez & Gertler is Class Counsel in a national civil rights class action currently pending in federal district court in Ohio called Jane Roe v. Intellicorp Records, Inc.

In October, the court granted preliminary approval of a class action settlement that will ultimately be valued at more than $20 million. The settlement provides for $18.6 million in monetary relief, allows class members to obtain copies of their criminal background check reports, and will require Intellicorp to change several of its business practices. The settlement is believed to be the second-largest ever obtained for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Plaintiff Jane Roe alleged that Intellicorp violated the FCRA in its use of an “instant” background check product called a “Criminal SuperSearch.” Among her allegations is that Intellicorp’s “instant” products resulted in the inaccurate reporting of criminal histories. Ms. Roe alleged that she was denied employment because Intellicorp’s report included a prior conviction that had been expunged.

Notice of the Settlement has been mailed to class members throughout the United States, and a settlement website can be found here.


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