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Trial Victory Worth over $12 Million for America Honda Borrowers

Chavez & Gertler won a court trial against American Honda Finance Corporation which resulted in benefits of well over $12.4 million for consumers whose repossessed vehicles were sold without proper legal notice.

The trial featured a head-to-head match-up of leading complex litigation firms for the plaintiff and defense. Chavez & Gertler founding partners Jon Gertler and Mark Chavez tried the case in San Francisco Superior Court against John Quinn, the founder and named partner in the 200+ lawyer firm of Quinn, Emanuel, Urquhart and Oliver in Los Angeles.

The case was brought under California’s private attorney general and unfair business practice law on behalf of a large group of mostly low income borrowers. It alleged various violations of consumer laws protecting persons who pay for their cars through loans obtained through the car dealer. Chavez & Gertler won a complete victory at trial after the court found that American Honda had unlawfully attempted to collect more than $12 million from borrowers. The judgment entered by the Court required the return of the money already collected, with interest, and further ordered the company to stop collections and remove the remaining balances from consumer’s accounts. Dippert v. American Honda Finance Corporation, et al., Case No. 302193 (San Francisco Superior Court).

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